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I don't actually *journal* here much anymore, which is silly. I like you all, I assume that you all like me (or are secretly plotting my doom, in which case, good luck with that, let me know how it turns out) and may have some interest in what's going on with me. The answer is, in terms of actual life things, not much. However, I have media that I've consumed. So I'll go over that.

So here's what I've been up to in bullet points:
  • Did an entire series run of Enterprise with [personal profile] jmtorres for Reasons, mostly because she wants me to suffer, I think. I actually bought the series on Blu-ray so I could easily skip the *painful* opening song (which I found is a cover of a Rod Stewart number from the Patch Adams soundtrack). I think Season 4 was probably my favorite. The mini-arcs and the dedication to righting the course of the series after a lot of facepalming bs. Also, tons of Jeffrey Combs as Shran. More Jeffrey Combs is rarely a bad. I largely fail to see the point of having two Generic and Bland White Dudes (Archer and Trip) along for the ride. At least Reed seemed to have a Thing (other than his Britishness) that set him apart and gave him some interesting flaws.

  • Critical Role owns my soul.

  • After spending several months falling asleep to the Welcome to Night Vale novel, I started getting a little sick of it, so I switched to the Vorkosigan series audiobooks. I think I'll skip Civil Campaign when it comes around, however, as I remember when I read That Scene many years ago, I ended up staying up several hours too late out of sheer anxiety.

  • I've been deep into painting Dungeons and Dragons minis lately. It's a little odd, because my game doesn't currently use minis, but it's been fun to get artsy. Here's a picture of my player character, Kronk the half-orc bard:
    He's not perfect. I don't have the world's greatest fine motor control and the plastic he's made from has a light texture to it that makes some common techniques suboptimal. I still highly recommend HeroForge, where I had him custom crafted.

  • Oh, hey, I play Dungeons and Dragons with a bunch of my friends once or twice a month. Currently, [ profile] lizbetann is DMing for us. Last game we were confronted with 20 mooks and we took them all on. Kronk worked out his issues with an NPC who betrayed the party using a Heat Metal spell. It was very satisfying.

  • Made a vid for Club Vivid that I think is a delightful combination of song and source, even if it's not the strongest vid I ever made. It may also be the only vid I make this year, as my inspiration well is a bit dried up. I have a couple WIPs, but they don't seem to be getting any more done even as I poke at them.

  • Saw Civil War last night. I overall enjoyed it. I wish the central political aspect hadn't been so muddled -- what were those Accords anyway? I prefer Winter Soldier, but I'd happily rewatch this on Blu-ray (which is more than I can say for Age of Ultron, I think).

  • Did another run through Borderlands: The Pre-sequel, this time as Nisha. I don't have a lot to say about this game or the series in general, except that they are a lot of smartly stupid fun* and the makers try really hard to acknowledge their privilege and work through it when they can. Also, I found a gun that delightfully squeals, "MORE KILL!" as I fire it, so that's cool.

  • Mass Effect playthrough is on hold for now. Just not feeling it at the moment.

* I maintain that the best kind of stupid fun actually has a lot of intelligence behind it.

That's about everything, except anything I forgot or didn't feel was notable enough to bring up.

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