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Hello Festividder!

You are completely awesome and I am so stoked to see what you come up with this year! My requests this year are a mix of classic cinematic treasures with some cult flicks and one newer source. Hopefully among this eclectic mix, you've found a vid you're excited to make!

My music preferences are the same as always: if it works, it works. Trust your instincts!

Here are my requests for this year:

Alucarda (1978) [Safety]

Screaming, Satan-worshipping lesbians in a Mexican convent! When I was given the opportunity to write an essay on any "hidden horror" movie for a book, I chose this film. I dig everything about it, but especially the way it is absolutely insane.


Critical Role (web series)

This has been my primary fandom for lo these past ten months. It is completely and totally my jam. It's a weekly livecast of a bunch of voice actors playing Dungeons and Dragons. I love everything about it. I love the characters. I love the players. I love Matthew Mercer, Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.

It's a difficult fandom to vid because it's literally a bunch of people sitting around talking about D&D, but the fan community has risen to the challenge and generated tons of fan art, which would be totally cool to use to illustrate the vid (although my preference is to have at least some in-game footage).

My favorite player characters are Percy and Keyleth. I'm also very fond of the NPCs Gilmore and Kima. As for the players, they are all badasses in their own right. I can't pick a favorite.

The entire series is on Youtube (save the last handful of episodes):


Frankenstein (1931-1948)

Mad scientist brings life to the dead with amazing electrical gizmos! What's not to love? One of my abiding fandoms has always been Dr. Frankenstein. Which Dr. Frankenstein, you ask? ALL OF THEM. Colin Clive, Basil Rathbone, Cedric Hardwicke, take your pick. I'm also extremely partial to Karloff's performance as The Monster, especially in the original Frankenstein and its sequel, Bride of Frankenstein. He breaks my heart.


The Raven (1963) [Safety]

How do you adapt a short poem into a feature-length film? The short answer is that you just kind of stick the poem in at the beginning and then build a wacky Gothic fantasy-comedy from the rest. Four stalwarts of the horror genre (Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Hazel Court, and Peter Lorre) come together for the lightest entry in Roger Corman's cycle of Edgar Allen Poe films. This was a favorite of my childhood, especially the wizard duel at the end. "Raspberry jam!"

Here's a really terrible trailer that tells you nothing about the film:


The Third Man (1949) [Safety]

Author Holly Martins goes to post-war Vienna based on a job offer from his old friend Harry Lime. Upon arrival, he finds that Lime is dead under mysterious circumstances. As he digs deeper into the enigma, he finds that not all is at it seems.

I love this movie so much. It's a strong contender for my favorite of all time. I absolutely adore Vienna, which is itself a character in the film, a divided, defeated city of cobblestone streets, shadowy passages, and bombed-out ruins. I would be happy with anything you made out of this movie.

Here's a trailer for the recent restoration, which I feel is a better indicator of the qualities I like about the film than the original trailer:


Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain [Safety]

The best way that I can describe this movie is that it's like if someone transferred the out-there and bizarro energy from the Evil Dead movies and put them into a Hong Kong martial arts fantasy film. Good vs. evil! Magical facial hair! Flying swordsmen! Laughing fish! Psychedelic battles! So much good. So much love.

Anyway, thank you so much again! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Jetpack Monkey

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