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I've added two new things to my life recently and they're both going extremely well, I think.

1. I've joined an online Dungeons and Dragons game thanks to[personal profile] settiai putting in a good word for me. You can see my character in my icon. He's a gnome barbarian named Mawny. He likes smashing things. Instead of rages (a barbarian class feature), he goes into delights. He's a very happy fellow. Dumb as a rock, but happy. I like the other players and I'm intrigued to see where the DM is going with this story.

Here's the full picture )

2. I've started exercising. I'm doing Zombies Run 5K. I'm halfway through Week 2. I think my height is giving me some advantages. Last night I did 3.33KM in the 30ish minute session. About 2/3rds of that time, I was doing a fast walk, not a run. Anyway, my primary goal is to increase my stamina, so I don't get tired out from doing household chores or running to the store. If this works out, I may also look into doing some other types of exercise.

Now, if we can only get through Tuesday without triggering the apocalypse, my life will really be going well.

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More D&D

Oct. 22nd, 2016 12:58 pm
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Well, that was exciting. Last night I had my first session with the online D&D group I'm joining as a player. The DM was actually out of town, so one of the other players ran a one-off. I like these folks and this is going to be a lot of fun!

Thanks to [personal profile] settiai for inviting me in!

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Yesterday's D&D game was a classic example of how the players really help form the world. One of my NPCs, Anton (the servant of a powerful lord), had gotten himself into a bad situation (after being goaded by [ profile] diannelamerc 's dwarf cleric and failing a Wisdom check that I will sometimes make as a save against Stupidity). Instead of helping, [personal profile] brokenallbroken 's human fighter used his action to lean against a large rock to have a laugh. I hadn't put a rock on the map, but it amused me, so I dropped a D12 down to represent the rock.

Two trolls then dropped down, a delayed consequence of the bad situation. I had balanced this encounter with the idea that another NPC, Helmar, would be present, but earlier in the session the players engaged in some impolitic fighting with Anton over the terms of the job they were on. Helmar noped out at that point for character reasons and I didn't adjust my plans accordingly. Oops.

Anyway. This probably would have been a TPK (and/or I would've had to come up with some really weird justification for the trolls not to just kill everyone), except there was this rock smack dab in the middle of the map. The Trolls took up too much space to really maneuver around it on one side and it also limited their ability to get past each other. So basically they were having to constantly move in a C-shape around the map instead of just mowing through the players.

It was touch and go, but the party survived, largely because one player wanted a rock upon which to do a bit of character business (and also there was a Helm of Teleportation).
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Jul. 10th, 2016 02:21 pm
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Yesterday was my first day back in the DM seat of our semi-monthly Dungeons and Dragons game and my first time running without a module to back me up. It was, frankly, terrifying. However, I had some benefits. For one thing, [ profile] lizbetann gave me some excellent world-building and story hooks that I could take and twist to my own needs.

You never know what your players will respond to or how they'll respond to it. There were some pleasant surprises and at least one "Take the fourth option" moment. Adding in music for combat and borrowing some tricks from Matt Mercer on Critical Role (which, seriously you guys, it's like my only major fandom right now SO GOOD) really enhanced the experience, I think.

Now if the group would only give itself a name so that I could, you know, refer to them.

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I don't actually *journal* here much anymore, which is silly. I like you all, I assume that you all like me (or are secretly plotting my doom, in which case, good luck with that, let me know how it turns out) and may have some interest in what's going on with me. The answer is, in terms of actual life things, not much. However, I have media that I've consumed. So I'll go over that.

So here's what I've been up to in bullet points: )

That's about everything, except anything I forgot or didn't feel was notable enough to bring up.

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Critical Role - sure it's just an archived livestream of a D&D game with too many players. Sure each episode runs between 2 and 5 hours. BUT -- all of the players are accomplished voice actors and the DM is absolutely committed to every NPC and every monster. I never thought I would fistpump so hard at a static tableau of people sitting at a table.

I'm on episode 4 right now and it's amazing! And it makes for good work background.

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So. Dreamwidth. I should catch you up. And stuff.

[personal profile] echan and I celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary on December 13th with a trip to Legoland. We stayed on the pirate-themed floor in a pirate-themed room. With bunk beds! Which I did not fit into well. The park itself was pretty cool. As an amusement park, it's so-so. As a display of the wonders of LEGO craftsmanship, it is a modern marvel. Miniland USA and Star Wars Miniland are very, very awesome. They also had miniature golf! I bought... many many many many LEGOs. I'm using them for purposes related to the last item in this post.

Speaking of echan, ze bought me an awesome thing for the holidays: Borderlands 2 replica Loot Chest. I'm using it store LEGOs.

Been side-watching Gilmore Girls with [personal profile] jmtorres (wherein she watches it and I pop in and watch it with her when I'm around). It's a fun show, but it's getting increasingly less happy-place as we get into the sixth season.

[redacted Festivids discussion]

Went to the Kings/Coyotes games on Saturday with [personal profile] niqaeli. Had a great time. I'm not into sports, really, but I enjoy a good game every now and again.

I have jury duty next month. I am... ambivalent.

I'm currently prepping to play Dungeons and Dragons with [personal profile] brokenallbroken[personal profile] airawyn[ profile] rhi_silverflame[ profile] lizbetann, and [ profile] diannelamerc. Our first session is January 3rd and I am... slightly obsessive. I don't want to get caught off-guard, basically. I did build a pretty cool dice tower out of LEGOs though.

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There's been a new version of Dungeons & Dragons released that puts an additional emphasis on story-telling and character building, which excites the crap out of me. Each character sheet has a required space for character traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws. There's a mechanic for rewarding players who make decisions that are counter-intuitive to the quest but in-line with their character.

I'd like to put together a bi-weekly game here in LA on Saturday afternoons or evenings. No roleplaying or tabletop gaming experience required. I would dungeon master.

We'd probably use the starter set, which contains some pre-created characters (but I would be happy to work with anybody who wanted to roll their own).

Any interest?

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