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I don't actually *journal* here much anymore, which is silly. I like you all, I assume that you all like me (or are secretly plotting my doom, in which case, good luck with that, let me know how it turns out) and may have some interest in what's going on with me. The answer is, in terms of actual life things, not much. However, I have media that I've consumed. So I'll go over that.

So here's what I've been up to in bullet points: )

That's about everything, except anything I forgot or didn't feel was notable enough to bring up.

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From The Warrior's Apprentice (non-spoilery)

A character, upon realizing that Miles's closest friend couldn't tell he'd been on a stimulant for the past few days: 

"My God," he said hollowly, "you mean he's like that all the time?"

I love these books. So. MUCH.
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Chapter 9 in A Civil Campaign should come with a warning label. "Caution: Do not start reading this chapter if you have any plans -- like, say, sleep -- in the immediate future. You will have to push them back. Several characters get screwed over so badly in this chapter that you will be forced to read another 100 pages before you stop wringing your hands."

I was up until four in the morning. Stupid dinner party. Stupid awesome Bujold.


Jan. 29th, 2010 04:16 pm
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I think I'm depressed because I finished "Memory" so quickly. It's over, gone, and I'll never be able to read it for the first time again.

This is very very strange. Stupid awesome Bujold.
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Someday, I'm going to write an essay titled "Miles Vorkosigan and the Longshot Effect." I swear to God, the guy has the most amazing luck so long as his intentions are pure and the worst luck when he's selfish. It's almost supernatural.


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